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Advising Private & Corporate Clients (Banks, Museums, Family Offices & Foundations) on how to buy, sell, manage & finance art, STERN International Art Advisory is able to provide the one stop shop in key areas of the Art Market including Old Masters, Impressionists, Modern and Contemporary Art.

Through its overseas offices and network of local partners, our global address book gives you access to the off market.

We offer to our clients a discreet and completely confidential service in relation to the acquisition or disposal of art. Where clients are faced with alternative choices we take every possible step to ensure that they are always made aware of the full range of options. We will then offer guidance as to what we consider to be the most appropriate course of action according to  client’s particular circumstances.

We are part of the STERN & Cie Investment Bank and offer a unique global view to manage your Global Assets. The Art Advisory department is part of the STERN Multi-Family Office who offers taylor made services for families and corporates.

STERN International Art Advisory offer is declined into six solutions :

  • Stern Art Hunter (Buying) : to complete your collection with a « Taylor made » search
  • Stern Art Selling : to organise the selling of your collection defending your interest
  • Stern Art Valuation : to valuate your collection for inheritance, insurance, selling…
  • Stern Art Insurance : to insure and secure your art collection
  • Stern Art Finance : to refinance your collection if necessary
  • Stern Family Office : your dedicated Family Officer to structure your Family wealth

Contact your Art Consultant :

T. +33 153 31 00 30

art (arobasestern-co.com

Our Paris Office : 8 Avenue de la Grande Armée FR-75017 Paris

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STERN & Cie has a European network :

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STERN & Cie is on the TOP 10 of « Best Bank Multi-Family Offices »

in 2014, 2015 et 2016, 2017 by LEADERS LEAGUE :

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Contact your specialized Consultants :

Art Advisory                       T. +33  1 53 31 00 30

Financial Advisory           T. +33  1 53 31 00 30

Real Estate Advisory        T. +33  1 42 550 650

contact (arobasestern-co.com